Foot Prints--Time to get rid of that headache

Things should be starting to calm down now that we are not glued to our televisions and all the concerns regarding our country. I am sure we wish our leaders great guidance and wisdom in the coming times. 

I know sleep disturbances and headaches seem to be a big issue for our patients theses days. There are so many things going on around us in our own lives, and we don't always have the time to take a deep breath and just relax and balance ourselves.  Thankfully, there is a simple Reflexology technique that can be done on your hands that will help relieve tension headaches.

Place your fingertips together, against each other, as in a prayer. The tips of the fingers are the reflex points for the brain. By pressing these fingertips together for a count of 5 seconds, three times in a row, the reflexes to the brain are stimulated and balanced. It is very calming.  It can be done as often as you would like, and really helps to take the stress out of a long day.

Happy Reflexing!