Foot Prints----Remembering


The end of 2016 is almost here. I am sure most of us take time to reflect on the happenings in our lives this past year. 

I have personally lost many people this year, so it is a difficult time for me to reflect. But I do try and remember the best times with those in my life, and that makes me smile.  Those I have lost were ill, for the most part, and so their passing has a sigh of relief attached to the sorrow.

Be sure to spend the time needed to reflect on your own health. What goals have you accomplished in 2016? Maybe next year you can think about improving excercise an extra 15 minutes a day. Look around you and find joy in everyday surroundings. Think about healthy food choices. All these little things add up to a healthier you!

Happy Reflexing and Happy 2017!