Great Point to Strengthen Your Back and Constitution

Kidney 3 , also called Tai Xi is located on the inside of the foot, in a depression between the inner ankle bone and the tendon. This point is very important in nourishing the so-called “Kidney” energy in Chinese Medicine. According to Chinese Medicine, the Kidneys store “essence” which is transmitted from our parents and could be compared to our genetic material or DNA. This particular point, when stimulated, has a self-regulating quality on the Kidney meridian. The Kidney meridian runs from the bottom of the foot, along the inside of the leg up through the abdomen and chest until just below the collarbone. Therefore, it helps relieving headaches and dizziness, but also helps soooth a sore throat, coughing and insomnia. The “Kidney” organ strengthens the lower back and all organs located in the lower body.