Stop That Restlessness!

Do you have restless leg syndrome? Do you toss and turn at night? Here is an acupressure point that can help you with just that. Gallbladder 34 or Yang Ling Quan is usually recognized as the main point to treat muscle and tendon issues, especially along the outside of the leg. It also calms anything related to gallbladder issues, such as feeling bloated with symptoms of nausea and difficulty digesting fats.

GB34 also “helps the Heart house the Shen” at night. The Shen is our conscious mind which is active during the day, but as we all know, during night time, an active mind doesn’t help us get a restorative sleep. In Chinese medical physiology, the active mind is supposed to “rest” in the Heart organ at night time.

Massage this point on the outside of your knee a few times during the day and especially after dinner time to help you relax your muscles and your mind.