Foot Prints - Web of Wellness

It is truly amazing to think about how our bodies can be healthy or not depending on our emotional condition. How often does it occur where you just do not feel well, only to really analyze your life at the moment and discover so much of your physical well-being is dependent upon outside circumstances and influences?

One of our favorite tools for helping discover your well-being, and also to start some great conversations regarding total health, is called the "Web of Wellness". It was developed by Acupuncture Media Works, and is used frequently in our clinic to help you discover how you are really feeling in different aspects of your life. It is a self-rated exercise, asking such questions as:

1.Mental  Fitness-Do you incorporate new things into your life that stimulate your mind? Do you embrace new ideas and new concepts? Are you open to learning new skills?

2. Social Fitness-Do you feel as though you socialize enough? Do you feel anxious in social situations?

There are eight different categories, representing different aspects of your life, and you rate yourself based on a scale of 1-10. It is truly a means to self-discovery, on your road to better health. When you combine this tool with the services we offer, such as Acupuncture, Massage and Foot Reflexology, the benefits increase as you realize where your strengths and challenges are.

Take a minute to call us and have us send you your own "Web of Wellness". Once you complete the exercise, it would be a great time to use your golf ball Hand Reflexology technique to stimulate positive thinking. It can be a great beginning on your path to better health!

Happy Reflexing!