Foot Prints - Design of the Body

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and be in balance.

Louise L. Hay, in her best-selling book "You can heal your Life", states: "The universe supports us in every thought we choose to think and believe".  What you believe about yourself and your life becomes true. So why not believe the very best for yourself? 

Here are some excellent self-awareness questions that we can ask ourselves, as we journey toward better health: 

  • What habits might be contributing to our illness? 
  • What is the biggest source of pressure in my life? Why? 
  • What are my gifts? 
  • If all of my needs were taken care of, how would I spend my time? 

Answering these questions after careful thought will lead us on the path of wellness. 

Good nutrition and good exercise are basic fundamentals for better health, but having "good vibes" is possibly the most important.  

Our hands grasp, hold, clench. Hands can be gentle or they can be hard, with knotty knuckles from overthinking, or gnarled with arthritic criticism. Grasping hands come from fear-fear of loss, fear of never having enough.

Take time every day to find your favorite lotion or oil, sit in a quiet area, and just give yourself some nice hand reflexology, gently using the thumbs and fingers to press and knead all the areas on your hands. The pressure does not have to be exact, but if you feel a sore spot, spend a few seconds on it and smooth it out.  Re-affirm that won are worth these few minutes, and smile! You will be so happy with the results!

Happy Reflexing!