Foot Prints-Restoring the Flow


Our bodies are held together by energy forces similar to the forces that hold the stars and the moon and the sun in their places. There is a system within us like an electrical system, with many "on" and "off " switches. There are circuits to every every organ and gland and nerve, and these circuits have points on the hands and feet and ears that correspond to these areas. By gentle pressing and "working" these points, a healing force is sent to that area to bring it into balance and harmony. We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings, and helping to restore the flow to our bodies brings better health and vitality. 

When we press on the different Reflexology points on our bodies, sometimes an odd tingling sensation is felt. Hold the pressure on this point for about a count of ten, and see if the tingling stops. If not, press and hold again. Usually within 2-3 presses the sensation is no longer there. This means that the energy is now flowing to that part of the body. 

It is natural for us to rub an area that hurts. Sometimes it feels better just to touch and hold for a few seconds. This is a very valuable tool that we naturally use, to bring about relief to the area. We hold our head when it hurts. We hold our abdomen when we have a "stomachache ". Next time this happens, really think about the flow of the body and how holding this area will bring about a sense of calm and relief. 

A simple but effective exercise--place the palm of your right hand on the lower part of the back of your head. Place the palm of your left hand on your forehead. This really helps bring about natural energies that bring about well- being and reduce the daily stresses that are a part of our lives.

Reflexology is a natural method of healing, no matter where or how it is used. Enjoy the Flow! 

Happy Reflexing!