Foot Prints-What does Reflexology feel like?

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How does a Foot Reflexology session feel? 

In a typical Reflexology session, your socks and shoes are removed. You are seated in a reclining chair with your feet elevated so the Reflexologist can reach your feet easily. Your Reflexologist will typically sit in a chair opposite the bottoms of your feet in order to inspect your feet and reach all the areas of the foot necessary for a good session. 

Your Reflexologist will use hands and fingers to apply pressure to points on your feet that correspond to different organs and glands in your body. The pressure should be suited to specific symptoms and a discussion that is held prior to the session, to determine the goal for the session, whether it be relief from a headache, better sleep, or stress relief. This helps your Reflexologist tailor the session to your needs and expectations. 

During the session most clients feel a tingling or warmth throughout their body, usually on the side of the body where the Reflexologist is concentrating. This is a relaxing, warm feeling that lasts for several hours afterward. Sometimes there is a sore spot felt on the foot, and that means the area of your body is out of balance and health. Your Reflexologist will use some extra pressure on those points, to relieve the soreness and thereby sending blood and oxygen and energy to the affected area for it to become balanced and healthy.

Reflexology will do you no harm, and is such a wonderful way to reduce stress and tension in your body. Find a qualified Reflexologist and and enjoy better health naturally! 

Happy Reflexing!