Shine On - Being


It's 2017! A new year, new beginnings, new resolutions....?

Looking at the headlines online and at the magazines displayed at the grocery checkout, it seems that we all need to come up with better, faster ways to become more successful, attractive, richer, etc.  There are so many "strategies" and lists and apps and things "to do".

During these holidays, which were quiet and very low-key, I had some time to just be.  "Being" is actually a lot more productive than "doing", contrary to what we may believe at first thought.

Last week, I was in charge of preparing dessert for New Year's Eve and I decided to buy a mousse mix to add to the layered parfait like dessert I was envisioning.  Buying a ready-made mix was something I used to do without ever thinking about it, for decades, but I hadn't done this for about 10 years or so.

As I mixed the mousse with milk and whipped it for 10 minutes, I realized that I was literally beating up a mixed bag of chemicals: the texture changed, the white powder was becoming a creamy yellow and all of a sudden aromatic fragrances filled the air.  I became suddenly so very aware of the lack of natural ingredients and that I was actually going to eat chemical masterpiece with natural and artificial flavored a few hours later. 

So, without doing, creating lists, or mentally reminding myself, this shift in perception also caused me a shift in doing - I realized how much my eating habits have changed over the last decade and I am thankful that in the future, it will be easier for me to make healthier choices.

So, when it comes to New Year's Resolutions...what do they mean to you? Feel into what resonates with you and what association makes it feel "right".  Just because we set great goals, do they cause resistance and prompt more "doing? Do they fill you with joy or is just a "this is supposed to be good for me"? Go with the flow, be gentle and kind to yourself.

Shine On!

~ Natascha