Foot Prints- Time For Touch



iPhones, iPads, tablets. We have forgotten how to spend time with others because of the "wonders" of technology. Someone asked "What is the greatest and the worst innovations of your lifetime?" I answered "the smartphone" to both queries. How wonderful to be able to connect with anyone on the planet in just moments, and have so much information at our fingertips, and yet we are always looking down at this device, and NOT connecting with those right around us.

This is one of the many reasons why Reflexology is so great. Reflexologists touch people  on so many levels; physically touching with our hands, mentally touching by having conversations that stimulate thought, and spiritually touching by providing a safe and trusting environment.

With the application of touch to the reflexes located in the feet and hands, messages are sent to the brain and elicit a physical response. Other messages are also communicated to our patients through our tactile skills, our attitude, and our intention.

Touch helps heal. Our patients have an opportunity to feel safe, secure, and healthier. These feelings can develop into newer ways of coping and approaching this world. It is the nurturing aspect of human touch that we all need.

Happy Reflexing!