FAQs At Red Mountain Acupuncture


We have so many tools in our toolbox to help our patients achieve their health care goals. But what exactly are some of these tools and how do they work? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers, to help understand what we do here at Red Mountain Acupuncture!

1. What is Acupuncture?
        Acupuncture is an integrated health care system with the goal of activating the natural, self-healing abilities of the body. It can also strengthen and support the body to prevent future illness and disease.

2. Do Acupuncture needles hurt?
        Acupuncture needles are about the size of a cat's whisker and they are very flexible. At worst, some people feel a slight pricking sensation. The needles are inserted at various areas of the body to open up the energy channels that promote healing.

3. I want to feel better, but I am really nervous about needles. What else can be done?
        We have a device that will stimulate Acupuncture points without having to use any needles. This has been very effective for patients who have an acute pain in a certain area of the body, and cannot tolerate the insertion of needles, for whatever reason.

4. Why should I getFoot Reflexology?
        Foot Reflexology is a gentle pressure-point therapy that is done to reduce stress and inflammation all over the body. When used in conjunction with Acupuncture it helps speed healing and has a very calming effect.

5. Are there different types of Massage?
        A good Massage Therapist will listen to the individual needs of her patient and design a session that is best for particular health care needs. There are various types of massage and all are very beneficial.

6. I wish I could get some good nutritional advice. How do I know what vitamins to take?
        There are simple, non-invasive tests that can be done to determine where there are nutritional deficiencies so a plan for supplements can be outlined on an individual basis. This is very effective, and takes the guesswork out of vitamins and minerals.

7. I hear so much about anti-aging. It gets confusing. Is there someone there I can talk to?
        There are many methods to help us look and feel more radiant and younger-looking. We have many protocols to help achieve fresher skin while promoting overall health and vitality.

Hopefully this has answered some basic questions and will offer some insight as to all the assistance that can be provided,  so you can be the best you can be!