Foot Prints - Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month. As if we need a whole month to remind us about stress. No thanks. But stress creeps into our lives all the time, and we have to be able to use our coping mechanisms to be sure we remain happy and stable and balanced.

Some stress can be wonderful! Planning for an exciting vacation, or planning on a new addition to the family, or a change in a job that you have been wanting, can all trigger stress hormones , even though it is for a really good reason.

Some stress can be "after the fact". Sometimes we have a death in the family or other serious tragedy, and we get through the crisis ok, only to "fall apart" afterwards. This delayed stress response is very common, and our coping mechanisms can still be used, even though we are not in the middle of the crisis.

Have you noticed how some people "wring their hands" when they get nervous? This is a very natural method of stress relief. The fingers of one hand are pressing and stimulating nature's relaxing reflex points on the other hand. As one hand rolls inside the other, knuckles are pressing into the Reflex points to the solar plexus and other reflexes, relaxing the whole body.

Deep, relaxed breathing is one of the most important skills in managing stress. Take a few, slow deep breaths to relax your breathing and calm yourself. Think happy thoughts, and soon your mind will be at rest. This really works!

Whatever coping skills you use, know that it is all very helpful in bringing about lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, better digestion and better sleep.

Deep breaths, happy thoughts, and Happy Reflexing!