Foot Prints - Happiness


Why Happiness is Healthy

Happiness----you know it is there because you feel it, but it is hard to define.

Being able to manage the ups and downs life brings us is most important in our quest for true happiness. For physical health, it is not so much happiness per se, but the ability to regulate everyday pressures and have a sense of purpose and meaning.

It is not as simple as "you must be happy to prevent heart attacks", of course. If you have a sense of well-being and inner joy, you will maintain better eating habits, exercise more, and work through the stresses that can affect daily health. Optimists are also more likely to engage in healthy behavior. They perceive good health as part of their overall outlook on life.

What is an easy way to encourage happiness in our lives? Through Reflexology, there is a force within all of us that can heal; and that includes facing the daily pressures of everyday life, putting them into perspective, and achieving our goal of a happy, and therefore healthy, lifestyle.

So treat yourself. Set aside 10 minutes every day to relax in a comfortable chair, apply some nice lotion to your hands, and press on all the different area of your hands and fingers and palms, letting the stresses of the day disappear as you think about all the blessings you have and how happiness is well within your reach.

Happy Reflexing!