Acupressure Point to the Rescue

Losing a loved one, or on my case, a pet is always a very sad event. No matter how "prepared" we are, life goes on but there is such a void around us.

Thinking about this sensation, can you feel a grip around your heart and you're having a hard time taking a deep breath?

That's one of the reasons why in Chinese Medicine we associate Grief with the Lung Organ. When palpating pulses, one can definitely feel a reduced strength of the Lung pulse, when someone experiences some grief.

In this video, I am showing how to find a point called "Lung 3". Massaging this point can help with the overwhelming feeling of grief. 

(((hugs))) to all of you who have lost a loved one.

~ Natascha


Water is an essential part of our body. We like to say: "The Best Medicine Is Free".  Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, clean water, unprocessed food and exercise is what we all need more in our lives, isn't it?  Here is a short video telling you more about water and how much we need each day. PS: I forgot to mention the most important Vitamin of all...Vitamin L (for laughter) :-)

~ Natascha