We are made of billions of cells. When our cells are out of balance, our bodies are out of balance.

What does BrainSpan measure?

The BrainSpan report quantifies the helath of the tissues in your body by examining specific levels of key nutrients in the red blood cells and the functional capacity of a subset of cells, called neurons, that make up the brain.

Why it matters:

Through measuring the tracking and adopting a holistic approach, we can re-establish an entirely new cellular climate in 3-4 months. This results in lower levels of inflammation and more resilience to aging and stress.

The Problem:

96% of people have a greatly imbalanced cellular climate. Leading diseases like heart diease, dementia, and arthritis can erode our quality of life if we do not measure and act on optimizing the right cellular environment

The Solution:

Together, we can build a road map of specific but comprehensive nutritional changes and provide a new, healthy and resilient cellular climate.

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