What people said about us

Before coming to Red Mountain Acupuncture I had high blood pressure and did not want to go on any meds.
So after 4 weeks of treatments (Natascha) brought my BP down to near normal and I’m continuing my treatments to keep it there!
— Gregory J.
After having chemotherapy for breast cancer I experience neuropathy in my hands and feet, making doing things less enjoyable. After visiting with Natascha and Ellie they came up with a plan to change my feeling in my hands and feet.

With Acupuncture and Reflexology I can now feel my toes-Yahoo!

Life is good.
— Laura G.
When I first came to Red Mountain Acupuncture, I was suffering from almost daily headaches, had alarmingly high liver levels, irregular menstrual periods, and just generally unwell. Within days of my first visit, my headaches resolved, but I really liked their natural approach to health and healing so decided to come monthly. In just a couple of months, my cycles were regular and I experienced much more healthy periods. Since I am trying to get pregnant, this was a huge benefit. I also track my daily basal body temperature, and noticed an upward trend of about half a degree, which indicates that my sluggish thyroid is more productive too. Acupuncture can help get your body’s systems to “talk” to one another better, allowing your own body to heal itself. Now I’m feeling immensely better, and follow up lab work shows that all of my levels are now within normal range.
— Nichole S.
The (self-help) videos are very informative. I have found the staff friendly, knowledgeable and professions. I am very satisfied and look forward to my treatment days.
— Sue H.
Many aches and pains plagued my mornings, partly because I slept little and woke often. A lack of restful sleep let to foggy, sluggish afternoons and then to depression.

Now the depression has practically disappeared. Concentration has much improved. Aches and pains from inflamed joints is now non-existent.

I plan never to get this far away from normal and comfortable, physical and emotional well-being again. THERE IS HELP!
— Jackie G.
I read on Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture and decided I wanted to experience it. It has been a wonderful journey. I came in hoping for a younger looking face - not only did that happen, but my sciatic pain disappeared after the 1st session; my shoulder pain is gone and the ringing in my left ear. I feel more energetic and sleeping has improved.

My husband thinks I look younger and I agree - I especially feel my neck along the jaw lie has improved, lines along my mouth and nose and in between my eyes (frown lines).

I recommend it to anyone who is looking for relief from pain and wanting a natural face lift.
— Diane S.
I have had all excellent experiences and feel like a valued customer. From the moment you step inside, you are treated with such thoughtfulness and care by every single staff member. The environment is so peaceful and tranquil and I thoroughly look forward to my treatments with Natascha who is not only excellent at her craft, but really cares about you as a human being and your well-being. It’s a wonderful, beneficial experience.
— L. Brown
When I first came to Red Mountain Acupuncture I was in extreme pain, mostly in my lower back and pain shooting down my legs. It was hard for me to move freely—no grace of motion. Now I am feeling so much better. I am able to do 99% of everything that I used to be able to do before my pain began.
— Cheryl
I came in today with very painful neck and shoulders. Now I feel pretty good! The acupuncture relieved my acute pain.
— Joyce W.
Before I came in I was tired all the time, no energy, feeling down and not sleeping well. Now I’m better overall and my sleep has greatly improved!
— Anna H.
Before coming for acupuncture treatments with Natascha…..well, how can I describe it??!! I was in a great deal of pain. I could not walk or drive or do much of anything because of the pain. Then I came to Red Mountain Acupuncture and now I’m perfect! I can shop, do my own housework, and I can drive myself around. I am even going to the gym again. I am always amazed how well I feel at this point. I never thought I could feel this good ever again!
— Barbara P.
Red Mountain Acupuncture is the best. Very up to date treatment and Natascha is the best and really knows what she is doing. Both my husband and I go to her.
— P. Wakefield
Before coming to Red Mountain Acupuncture I was feeling depressed. I felt I couldn’t control my emotions and felt lethargic and very anxious. Today I feel much calmer…more “even keeled.” And I don’t crave sugar anymore!
— J.H.
My headache was so bad and my eyes were twitching like crazy before the treatment. During the treatment, the twitching was really bad and then it just disappeared. I feel so much better now, almost no pain at all!
— Jane J.
I was not sure what to expect....but now I have told all my friends and family about my experience. My low back pain has become less and less, ear ringing is getting less, sciatica pain has come down from a 10 to a 5 and my thumb pain has almost gone away. I am amazed at the results so far. I have had 3 sessions so far and I am looking forward to the Opening Channels Program. Also my headaches are less: instead of a headache 3x per week, they are almost gone!
— Anna Rowland
Thank you for all you do. We appreciate you so much! You have given R. her life back!
— B. Durgin
When I first came to Red Mountain Acupuncture, I couldn’t walk up and down stairs, couldn’t stand up without some effort and time, and after getting up, had to shuffle my feet. I couldn’t even open a bottle of water. It was very painful….I felt all “locked up.” Now I can do all those things! I don’t hurt nearly as much. This has been the answer for me!
— Jeannie Silva
I am so happy to have found Red Mountain Acupuncture! I have never felt so healthy, relaxed and inspired. It has helped me along with getting pregnant. Natascha is the best! I always feel very relaxed and happy when I leave.
— A. Susong
I was experiencing frequent headaches and didn’t have the ability to sleep through the night. After acupuncture treatments I am able to sleep, feel much better, and no more headaches.
— R. Small
So welcoming, tranquil and Natascha is the BEST. The staff…Jane and Jan always leave you smiling. I have never experienced the positive results I have after an acupuncture session as I do at Red Mountain Acupuncture. I would definitely recommend Dr. Natascha!!!
— D. Hartman
So welcoming, tranquil and Natascha is the BEST! The staff…Jane and Jan always leave you smiling. I have never experienced the positive results I have after an acupuncture session as I do at Red Mt. Acupuncture! I would definitely recommend Dr. Natascha!!!
— Debra H.